Twitter account of “@RealKouyaXatosi” has function restrictions current as of November 18, 2019.
Therefore a remark by an account concerned is in the state which won’t be done.

Account locking of that in a reason,When logic of that’s user is used just as it is to the Twitter user who spoke ridiculously and cynical tweet.

When it’s usual, such unreasonable rock protests against an American company of Twitter company in English and makes them unlock it.But have become impoverished in minds and bodies this time.After the tweet was eliminated by mistake.Rock was released, but I fall into function restriction in the state as the received condition.

Further this rock measure is shown to a notice space as the abnormal state that I say “Wasteland kusatoshin did violation application, and Twitter company accepted.” on the screen.

You’d be able to say the evidence which indicates a however abnormal one whether this account rock measure is.

Rock of this @RealKouyaXatosi account isn’t that it has started this time.
LDP, sex offender and the champion are attacked, they seem to pick a corner of a nest of boxes and it’s locked many times by the reason that tweet violates it,every time.
When nearest,I have just protested against the irresponsible utterance a supporter of Taro Yamada House of Councilors member of LDP threw up at the end of September,it was locked for reason of that.
It passed to 1 month old and a half, and Locke was continuing.

And so,spare account @xatosi.The reason no-dedication locked for reason of tweet before present for more than two years gets extreme correspondence.
(It’s being left without this’s doing measure of unlocking for a protest.)

When present Twitter denounces delictum, an account is locked, and the one as which delictum was acknowledged is in the abnormal state as the acquitment.
Abnormal way of an account rock freeze of Twitter-JP is that it’s being talked about from the front for many years, but it can be said that that peaked.

Wasteland KouyaXatosi protests strictly to act like such tyrannies of Twitter company.